you can gouge away

Today I am feeling old and creaky, literally. The alarm went off like it always does, I hit the snooze button 10 times like I always do and then I hopped out of bed like I always do and then my body groaned and I hobbled to the washroom in a way that I never do. And to top it off my feet hurt, the pain forced me out of my cute shoes and into my oh so comfortable MEC sandals with the big soles that are just fine for that warm mountain treking. Perhaps not the most sylin' corporate wear but truly hip nonetheless.Was it worth it?

Hell yeah! The Pixies were phenomenal and I had ever so much fun. The mosh pit may not have seen me for a very long time and may not see me again for a very long time but let me tell you that it was all good sweaty fun! I felt like a kid again until the lack of food, lack of water, too much strongbow and general breakdown of body due to age forced me to seek out the cooler air and crisp ice of the outer limits.

It was really amazing to experience one of my favorite bands of old amongst a group of equally excited and into the music vastly arrayed folk. I'm not going to go into a full fledged reivew here but I was more than happy with the choices and though they started off somewhat awkwardly with the classics (don't get me wrong, I loved them and most of the crowd responded in like) they launched into most of the crowd pleasers including Debaser, Hey, Wave of Mutilation, Gouge Away and of course Here Comes Your Man to name only a few. The oh so sexy Kim sang Gigantic and sounded much like she used too and I didn't even care that she fumbled with the words. I'm sure asylus will have a more detailed review on his site for your viewing pleasure. I just want to say that it was fabulous, fabulous, fabulous and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Of course as with any show, there were the dramas, the pre-drinking jocularity, the running into various people, the waiting in line to buy the merch (I got a great t-shirt), the smoking, the smell of weed wafting through the crowd, the laughter, the excitement all culminating in a fabulous experience. And then ... it was over and Duke, Asylus and I limped to the car at the end of the night, slightly stunned and and more than a bit tired but oh so very content.