Just another manic Friday

Okay, breathe. Only an hour before my escape and I embrace the sunny moonlight dance of the weekend. Today has been absolutely crazy but much was accomplished and while I have some work to do over the weekend, its not taxing or overburdened. Yah!I know that the weekend will fly by and I'll be back here on Monday, breathing in the stale air as my skin slowly turns green with the ever throbbing flourescent lighting of my life. But that's okay because I survived this week and I'll survive the next and summer is quickly approaching and the grass will turn that shade of green that brightens my days and the trees will bud and burst with the warm scent of life and the flowers will spurt a rainbow of coloured candy floss. Sigh. I long for the days of tank tops and sun burning my skin in warm prickles and vacation lazed days of ocean crisp salt and sandy walks and rocks of water gulping hikes. But for now I have a wide open weekend with *gasp* no plans. I love no plans. Its been far too long since I've had a planless weekend and I am highly looking forward to spending some time with the Duke and having a Saturday of book browsing, coffee drinking, driving around aimlessly stopping and doing whatever catches our eye, thought or notion. Its a good thing. We should all take time to slow down and breathe in life away from clocks and ticks and deadlines and rushing around gulping so hard that the quiet buzz of the earth is missed.