Pain drifts across a ledge of weeded dandelion screamsLaughter dances in snow drifts of bottled ice shines Love flits across spaces of insecurity and lust He she him her they dance in circles of me my I you The skylight opened up and the sun shone through and I am sorrowful for the pain of others as they dance in life's dew The cellar door clanked and clattered and smashed open a skull waiting to emerge Darkness flies through glassed in buildings of me on top of you and they on top of us and secrets nest in walls of pressed ears I am pained for people I know and my heart bleeds red droplets dripped into the earth's rich soil embrace yourselves forgive yourselves love yourselves heal yourselves The dramas play themselves on stages of emotion dripped in thought and care and wonder Reality is but an extension of thought and the thrust of a cobbled stone walk built on scarred fingers calloused scraped in bruised nubs A dreamer's shoulders shake in psychotic dreams of yesterday's last breath with inhalation of the newly scented air of tomorrow's hope