Last night was productive and the boys and I have managed to come up with a little name for our venture and Y3X was born from the laughter and tears of our time together. Other names considered ranged from the truly absurd to such names as Pan's Beat; Frozen Beet; Corporate Whores and others bordering on the truly ridiculous which would have made for lovely names if we wanted to produce porn. Unfortunately, my groggy mind cannot conjure forth them at the moment.Y3X is the brainchild of Ruby, Eratus (otherwise known as Duke), Asylus and myself. Motivation is the key to the success of this little creative endeavour and since we all individually appear to lack this, hopefully our collaborative efforts will actually take our various strengths and from the group, motivation shall emerge. That is the plan stan.

I'm great at starting projects, my follow through is a bit weak ... okay, its very weak, I get bored and alternatively excited about something new and off I go forsaking the very thing I was excited about working on previously.

Yes, its true ... I'm a flake.

Now, I can do my bit by getting this venture off the ground and I can follow through with the initial work but this note is for you my boys - you have to ... I repeat ... have to push me to finish whatever we start working on 'cause this is my public announcement revealing my greatest weakness. The good news is that I am a reformed committment phobic and follow through is part of committment so I may just stand a chance given the reformed nature of me. heh heh.

Anyway, I am excited about working with my three best friends and over the years (Ruby you win on that one 'cause we have known each other so long that it makes me feel old) I have experienced so many ups, downs, pitfalls, death, crying, relationship angst, and of course immensely happy times with these folks. They have all gotten phone calls at 2:00 am and freak outs and I have seem them at their worst, best and everything inbetween. I have worked with them on various projects and screamed and teared and rolled over in laughter and cried in a drunken heap. Yeah, I love you guys and am incredibly lucky that through me, you have all met each other and formed your own relationships and I know that no matter what we decide to produce, it will be a great adventure and I wouldn't do it anyone else! I am so excited and looking forward to our next meeting. Don't forget to do your homework, heh heh.

And now, I am meeting Asylus for lunch to break from cubey hell and looking forward to the weekend. Its a crazy schedule of Aiden soccer and piano lessons, muchly needed grocery shopping and laundry scooping, Duke has a gig with Dawn and David playing for a party (I heard them rehearse on Wednesday and really enjoyed it, so apparently did Aiden and the neighbourhood boys who were peering through the window) and I hope to actually get some work done on my interactive digital scenarios for the upcoming conference. Yah!

Bring on the weekend .. have a good one everyone! The sun is shining and the weather is actually *gasp* warm ...