monday again …

Of course it is again Monday ... one can always count on there being yet another Monday, and another and another. I hate Mondays.

There are a couple of ways to get to Downtown (where I work) from the southside (where I live) and they all include going through the river valley and across the river. Now, in the city's infinite wisdom, they decided that one of the bridges needs some maintenance and so that particular well traveled road is being taken down to one lane traffic for the duration of spring summer. It started today and it ends in September. Hah! Yeah, so the route I normally take is extra busy with vehicular overflow and walking is seeming like a better idea every day.
Speaking of walking, Asylus and I have decided that while mornings and the hike up the McDonald steps (some 200 really steep steps) might not be the wisest way to start our "get active" routine but we are going to walk home everyday after work. Of course we decided this after a weekend of sunshine and hot weather filled with shorts and tank tops. Today it is cold and grey. Of course it is - its Monday! Anyway, I have brought my runners to work and I will suck it up and am actually looking forward to pumping my legs up the hill.
The Aidenator and I went biking through the ravine trails on Sunday and it felt great. My legs are a bit sore and my glutes are very sore but its a good sore, like I worked, like my body is happy to be moving sore. In other fun news ... Duke had a rehearsal last week at our place and I do believe I mentioned that the neighbourhood boys were enthralled. Well, they were, its been confirmed and they have started their own little garage band. Heh heh. They range in ages from 6-10 and its oh so cute and interesting ... one of the boys has been taking guitar lessons for a while now and Aiden has been taking piano lessons and most of them are in choir at school. Hey, could be greatness in the making and all inspired by the stylins of Duke, Dawn and David. Heh heh. Eep. Off to a meeting. Have I mentioned that I hate Mondays.