I’m bleeding as we speak …

Well, the excitement ... the drama the... huh ... oh I'm thinking of other people's lives. Blah. I've been a bit down and figure its the lack of time, the lack of money, the rise in gas prices (fucking ridiculous I say), the cost of living smacks of Klein getting fat off the land, the weather ... for crying out loud in the past 7 days I've been in shorts and tanks and sandals to my wool coat and boots ... why do I live here again?

Enjoyed the bellydancing last night though and helped raise my levels of happy. Am doing Level I again and was completely enjoyable because as opposed to my first time around, I wasn't freaked out and confused by all the new moves but rather was able to focus on perfecting what I know and it felt lovely. Plus, I was able to watch the tape of the last recital and got to see me dancing ... we looked good! Yah!

Am feeling a bit woozy after the blood-letting of this afternoon. Was tickled with the news of Asylus' late night adventures at lunch. Am looking forward to the meeting of Y3X tonight. Am not looking forward to a Saturday spent working on work stuffies. Am looking forward to watching the movies my lovely Duke rented for me 'cause he knows I'm barely staying afloat and he is wonderfully trying to alleviate my stress levels and keep me from sinkingintoutterdepthsofdramaticdepression. I think I need to drink more.

Ah well ... its friday and fridays are lovely because escape to my world is emminent.