I am working at home, working on work and I am frustrated with everything. My only consolation is that the day is grey and cloudy and generally degenerating into the ugly. Had a great productive meeting with Y3X last night and feel really good about the collaborative effort that we are putting in. Good things. Am not feeling good about the state of my computer and want to run out and buy and new one but then I would have to forego holidays so its probably not a good idea but dammit I'm not going to last the summer.

Stress is fucked up and my levels are high and I can't seem to lose the edge of irritation that sits behind my skull reaching out tentacles of tightness and I am a cranky pants to everyone around me. I'm sure that I will eventually release the negative energy that eats at my guts but not today, not tomorrow and most likely not until the spring fling of too much work, not enough time and way too much going on, comes to its eventual end and summer begins with a lovely triste out to the coast for relaxed sunshine dipped in salt and sandy rockslide beaches. oh god ... its the only thing keeping me going at this point.

I may be a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown .... splat.