soccer, death and the work god

Ah soccer ... the time for racing home after work and picking up your kidlet from school to madly nuke whatever form of hotdog, veggiedog, chickendog (why are there so many kinds of hotdogs?) that you can find in the fridge and gobble down and race to find the field.

Ah soccer. There is nothing more exhilerating than standing in a cold field, the wind whipping at your bones while you scream and hop up and down and pretend your toes are not going to fall off in a frozen mass.

Ah soccer. Turbo came out to the game last night and cheered and screamed as good as any soccer mom though we had never heard "go go go you're bigger than him" before. It was good. She can come out any time she wants as I predict she will become the crowd favourite, heh heh. Ah soccer. Only crazy soccer moms would take their sons out for ice cream after freezing for an hour on a windy field just because said son scored a goal. Yup, its confirmed I'm a crazy soccer mom but at least I don't drive a mini-van.

In other news. Unbenownst to us Movie Central is playing Season 3 of Six Feet Under and Season 4 starts on June 14. Okay, I saw Season 1 a million years ago and fell in love with this series. Have been waiting and hounding the video store for season 2 which comes out FINALLY on June 8. Gah! So we figured, we would miss Season 3 ... watch Season 2 obsessively before Season 4 started. Except ... Season 3 started last night and they played 3 episodes back to back. So my Monday nights are gonzo as I will be sucked up into the void of couch lazing and catching up before Season 4. Its a bit twisted though 'cause my viewing order is as follows: 1 ... 3 ... 2 ... 4 Whatcha going to do ... its a fabulous show. Yah HBO!!!

Okay, I suppose I should do some work now. Motivation is at an all time low but I figure its because I gave up most of my weekend to the work gods and even last night, in between soccer and Six Feet Under, I was slave to work gods. Who are these work gods? Why are they after me and my friends? What insidious plan do they have to sabotage my summer? They must be stopped!! Stopped I tell you!!