chlorine dreams

She smiled at the water dancing in blue green clearness, the smell danced in wandering lost smiles. There was nothing but the coolness of reflection and soft toes coloured by clear blue. I wander in the lost vast order of dreams borrowed in a pair of dusty shoes floating across a pond of algae arranged in a bookshelf of new templates and strange designless angst.

Always more, always new, pull the seed and watch the dandelion scream.

Wah ... I went over to blogger to see what all the fuss was about. Some of those new templates are swank to say the least. Don't much like the interface backend dashboard crappola but I had to put together a quick post to check out the new looks. The above is the post and it looks a lot nicer at dandelionscreams. Yup, its definitely time for a redesign here at pluck the petal. When, where, how will I find the time? Bah!

Maybe its best to keep things simple ...