sunshine and soreness

Yawn.I spent Saturday afternoon (after soccer practice, vanilla latte, piano lessons and a cranberry muffin) cleaning out the aidenator's bedroom. Wow. I pulled everything out and sorted and threw out and rearranged and washed and vacummed and 7 large bags out to the trash/recycle; 2 bags of toys given away and a very sore back ... and ta da ... the boy has a lovely room that any 10 year old boy (or girl 'cause the wall of computers and video games would have made me drool) would envy and the mom has a sore aching body but all is good and the house is minus a dungeon. Yawn. I forgot to bring my resume in today and managed to get a reprieve and so must remember to bring tomorrow morning. Its official, I am being made permanent. I've been here for 4 years on contract and that has been fine with me. Contract work leaves you with an out, an escape hatch, an opportunity to dream about leaving. Permanent sounds so much like a prison sentence which is ridiculous when you think about it because of course I can leave any time I want and I suppose its nice to have some sort of security in the knowledge that I have a job. Yeah, that darn perspective thing. Yawn. In Duke news ... his computer is back up and running and the cost only involved a new hard drive. This is awesome good news for him. The bad news is that his old drive is pooched though he has a lead on someone who has the technology to perhaps recover his data. I personally envy him somewhat, somewhat. I think it would be a tragedy to lose all my stuff but there has to be something liberating about starting fresh. A computer's history outlines the person and because we change so much during the course of our lifetime, starting fresh and clean seems somewhat exciting like taking all your notebooks of writing and burning them, cleansing the old - on with the new. I don't know why but sometimes that appeals to me when the sentimental side is sleeping. Yawn. I picked up an inspiring book on the weekend and I am well ... inspired. There are going to be some big changes in my life in the next month. I am excited. I am being deliberately vague at this point but will reveal all in good time. Suffice it to say, I am feeling quite good about my decision and so will many people in my life. Yawn. Aiden is performing at the Victoria School of Performing Arts tonight and is foregoing soccor in favour of choir and orff. I will, of course, be taking many pictures of my lovely boy doing his thing. The lovely Turbo was I feel disapponted that she wouldn't get to yell from the sidelines but she is coming to cheer from the audience anyway which is super great and since the sun is shining, I figure a patio drink is a definite go after the performance. Yawn. If I can ever wake up that is. Yawn.