I rock!!

well, the weekend is winding down and I have accomplished everything that I set out to do this lovely weekend of warm cloud coverage.

That's right, I relaxed. I breathe in the scent of a girl who is loose and languid and look around for any sign of tightness. hmmmm. nope, none ... yah me!

That's right, I am no longer a slave to the nicotine junk, to the burning smoke poisoning my body in slow exalted breathe, to the dashing about panic dwelling, need the light fix. I feel great. The real test was today, hanging out with asylus who lit up everytime we left a store and was I wanting one? was I jealous of his inhalation? nope, not even a little bit. wheeeee!!! I rock! I feel free and more alive than I have in a long while.

That's right, I had a great weekend, accomplished next to nothing, did some painting, snapped some photos, noodled in antique stores, made sweet love, hung out with friends, listened to my baby bang on his drums, walked and talked and drank copious amounts of starbucks coffee. sweet. ready for the work week. bring it on!

but first ... there's some Six Feet Under action ...