Painting Daisies and Almost Leather Band

Shameless advertising for my favorite band, yeah that be Almost Leather Band opening for Painting Daisies, yet another kickass band.You know you wanna go so here are the details: Show and Ticket Info For those who have trouble clicking links: in a nutshell, sidetrack, saturday night. yup. So whose going to come with me? Huh? Huh? any takers ... should be fun times. Sorry Asylus but I'm not bootlegging the show for you though I know how sad you are to miss said show. Asylus and I once spent 2 weeks on a road trip listening to nothing but "Take Another Picture" (Almost Leather Band) and discussed endlessly how much we enjoyed this particular band. Yup. Of course in a strange twist of fate, months and months later, I ended up falling deeply in love with said drummer and my life hasn't been the same since. lucky me!