thoughts and sites

The thing is ... I'm trying to concentrate my energies on real writing, the writing that will make me smile and dream and sing and feel fullfilled, the kind of writing that will get published in actual magazines beneath glossy pages of scratchy paper, the kind of writing that I can't do for blogland because its not the same. I am also concentrating my efforts on taking photographs that will make me smile and that I can post in my sites. The thing is photography is a lovely hobby and my blog is a lovely hobby but my writing is more than a hobby in my heart and mind and thoughts and scratches on paper journals and focused concentration and editing of words beyond the poetic purge.Roo reminded me of a quote I fell in love with last month watching The Office which is as follows: "Its better to be at the bottom of a ladder you want to climb than halfway up one you don't" (Tim). I am halfway up a ladder that I never wanted to climb and at the bottom of a ladder I want to climb. Lucky me, I am in two places at the same time. For now. Andrea told me "be an actress and go to work everyday, playing your part and scam all the money you can until you don't have to anymore - have a plan" (or something to that effect) and so that is what I'm doing and I'm finding that I'm a pretty good actress. Guess all those years of drama paid off, heh heh. I'm working on the plan part. I like plans. Change is good. This journal is in a transition and will change as my writing plays out away from here and I suspect that for a while I will resort to passing along fun sites like these: The Worm Within: Its a terrifyingly disgusting, freaky, funny, scary illustrated story that you simply must read! A Softer World: A very funny, creative, small read comic book updated every Friday illustrated with photographs. Ingenius I tell you and be sure to go through the archives 'cause they are damn good! and shameless plugs for my baby's music and friend's events and dancing dogs in mini skirts along with photostories of my life. change is good. life is good. being a non-smoker is fantastic and strangely enough i've been losing weight since i stopped being a slave to that particular brand of weed, who knew? have a fantastic weekend all. Addendum: I just wanted to be clear that I wasn't saying that journal/blog/weblog writing is not real writing. When done right, it is epic, fascinating, and all those things and some people have amazing weblogs full of real writing. Mine is not one of those. I purge in a fit of spit and never edit and never spend anytime crafting an entry. I mostly write from work when I need a break and never spend more than 5 minutes on any entry ... usually less (i type fast). When I wrote that I am going to concentrate on real writing, I meant the actual crafting of a sentence and the plot and editing and all those lovely items beyond the run on spew that I do here. I meant no offense to those who craft loving words on their sites.