foggy lovely monday

Ah, the damp dank soddyness of Monday morning ... sigh ... in a foggy sleep state still am I...The weekend was lovely spent with my sweet little man as he had friends over to watch Lord of the Rings Two Towers and they ate popcorn and awed over the movie as Duke and I rearranged furniture yet again. The rearranging made me feel good and opened up the space a bit more and as Asylus pointed out to me, "but of course you need to rearrange - its what you do every season" and yes, he is right, oh poor Duke. Its a good thing the poor boy knows what he's gotten himself into. Asylus' birthday was strange - I mean the boy has learned to hold his alcohol and where is the betting fun in that. He thinks this is progress but I think that it just goes to show what too much drinking practice will get you ;-) Actually I would say a fun time was had by all and I for one enjoyed seeing Reilly and Miranda as its been quite a while and I always enjoy talking with them and is always quite interesting to re-discover how much we have in common. I also enjoyed drooling over Reilly's camera in utter camera-envy, sigh ... and the most beautiful Miranda won some Big Sugar tickets (though she filled out the form saying I do not want these at all) and very kindly gave them to Duke and I (thank you thank you thank you). Though they are apparently playing at Cook County Salon and I must confess that I have never actually set foot in this particular establishment in my life, eek ... though Duke pointed out that it will most likely be a different crowd than the norm, we shall see ... could be fun, will let you know on Thursday. I think that I am enjoying the fairly calm relaxed state of weekend peace, lazing about the house, piddling in the kitchen and watching the crazy squirrel outside my door ... Once I have my camera I hope to get some shots of this lunatic squirrel - This crazy assed squirrle will come right up to the door and crawls up the wall and chirps away scampering and jumping inches away from me when I am lounging outside on the patio. movie note: "Identity", I loved it, loved it, loved it. You must understand that I am a huge Hitchcock fan and this movie is very Hitchcockian in nature and effect. Stories within stories keep you riveted to the screen up to the climactic twist at the end which I only figured out a bit before the reveal (I love being surprised). This movie is fantastico and a must see. John Cusak, Ray Liotta, Amanda Peet, Alfred Molina, Jake Busey, Clea Duvall, and Rebecca De Mornay make up the cast of this dark drama/thriller/suspense movie ... well what are you waiting for, if you haven't seen it already, go out and rent it for gawd's sake!