google searches … eek

Here at pluck the petal, there are a couple of sites, mine of course, at this time, includes blackdaisies journal (what you are currently reading), orangedaisies daily photos and photostories. I also give space to small perversions and charlie's little devilsI was checking out the stats on pluckthepetal and found the weirdest of searches that found there way to our sites. 1. julianna margulies wearing leather boots 2. i'm what willis was talkin about 3. sexware 4. metrosexual definition 5. rusty is a homosexual 6. 15 year old boobs 7. adam the computer guy greengrass 8. alleycat lingerie 9. ana mae silicon 10. anal sex feels good 11. analogy sand to the beach 12. ashton kruchter pictures 13. asylus wedding 14. birkenstoek 15. bladder sex pissing blood 16. breaking in a virgin 17. caresse body care products Yoiks ... and what I want to know is when is asylus' wedding? and who is pissing blood and having sex with a bladder while breaking in a virgin? Also, who thinks they have 15 year old boobs? and what was willis talkin' about? Oh my too funny girls ... perhaps I'll make this a monthly event ... lets see what springs up in June shall we.