Big Fear Blood Rush Gone

Wow ... I just aged 20 years and then regained them all in the matter of 15 minutes.There I was happily working when my cell phone rings. Its the daycare. "Did A go to school today?" "Um, I'm not sure. He's with his dad this week." "Why?" "Because he didn't show up at daycare" What!!!!! okay, well he's probably ill and I just didn't know. I advised the daycare I would call his dad and find out and call them back. No problemo so I called M "hello" "Hi M, I was just wondering if A went to school today?" "yes, why?" At this point all the blood rushed from body and the world tilted slightly greatly off kilter. "A didn't show up at the daycare" M immediately said he would take off to the school while I call back the daycare. I called back the daycare in panic and they said they'd check the school out and call me back. Breathe Breathe Breathe ... okay, seriously hyperventilate. Ring. Ring. "hello" "oh thank god" called back M on cell (who was on his way to school) and advised of the good news. "He's in the classroom, helping his teacher clean paintbrushes. They forgot to advise the office, oy vey ... all good!" M turned around and went back to office to finish up his work. I am a limp but happy rag.