Super Size Me

Last night after soccer, Turbo, the Duke and I went to the Garneau to see Super Size MeMorgan Spurlock conceived of, directed and put his liver on the line by consuming only McDonald's food for one month. This movie was horrifying in nature, laugh out loud funny, cringe in your seat, feel sick to your stomach incredibly well crafted and informative and made me take a closer look at my own eating and exercise habits. Incredible artistry by artist Ron English depict the friendly familiar kid loving characters of the ever popular Micky Dee's as evil incarnate, powerfully freakish. I warrant that if these were the images gracing the golden arched entrance, kids would run screaming towards their nearest health food store rather than enter and gooble down the fatty treats. As Spurlock's health degradation raises serious concerns among the doctors and dietician monitoring him, his girlfriend, his mother and even himself become more than a little concerned. Knowing how unhealthy and fatty fast food is didn't prevent me from being shocked at how much damage it can potentially cause and how insidious the fast food industry really is. Yup, I'll never be able to drive by a McDonald's again without cringing and while my average McDonald consumption is about once every two months ... well, I don't know if I can actually grace the yellow brightness again. I will be thinking twice about what I put into my body from here on in. Great film and even if you somehow manage not to be altered by its contents, you will enjoy the ride. In the meantime ... Morgan has a blog @ Morgan's blog Happy snacking ... move ... away ... from ... the ... Big Mac ... heh heh.