Vacation - Day 1

If I close my eyes and breathe in deeply, I can still smell the ocean, a mix of salt and plants and life roaringly changing, abstractly dancing, always showing a different face. We hopped in our fully packed car on Wednesday, June 30, 2004 fairly late. Ah the packing and repacking of equipment for optimal space in our little zoom zoom (Mazda 3 Sport). We had spent the days before updating our camping equipment with the smallest compact equipment we could possibly find and afford and haggling over the best freeze dried food. Even with the new gear (god, I love gear), it was still a challenge to fit it all in the hatchback and still feel like we had airy space to enjoy but we finally got it down to an artform. really. We left Edmonton at about 8 pm, stopping for much coffee to get us through the long 14 hours of yes we love each other and yes we love our car and thank god for comfy seats and good music. It was an array of listening pleasure with Ben Folds, Black Eyed Peas, Ron Sexsmith, and some XTC and fun highway games and the beginnings of the holiday quest for the top spotted punch buggy. We found ourselves in Hope, British Columbia at a lovely breakfast joint, shaking from having spent too much time in a car, at about 7 am. Ah, the eggie. And then it was back on the road to the ferry. It was a breezie fly onto the ferry after our worrying about long wait times and should we book ahead and blah blah blah.

The ferry ride was lovely and sparkly and blue and white and friendly and clean and crisp and somewhat glowing ... well, we hadn't slept all night and were a bit stunned really. How I even managed to use my camera, I will never know but it was nice to lay out on the deck in the sun, eyes closed and kissed by warmth, eyes open and clicking around me, breathing in the salty air of my happy first day on vacation. I have decided to break down my vacation in order to maximize the photographs use. I took over 2000 photos, obviously, most of them will never see the light of the internet or the gloss of the paper but there are a swack that I want to put up and if I do one a day well really then what about the ones I'm taking in the now? So, I am going to do day by day vacation commentary and photography series. So, hopefully, tomorrow will come with more than one photo - anyway, that is the plan. Of course, tonight I am completely overbooked with a birthday party and a going away party but who needs sleep. Hmmmm, ummmmm, me. : )

Uh yeah, and still working on this integrated redesign, much work to do, bear with me while I go through the long process as changes abound!