Embedded in Baghdad

Can't work ... must ramble ...Watched "Embedded in Baghdad" last night. Was an amazing documentary by Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau who spent just over 5 weeks in Iraq during the U.S led war on Iraq. He lived with a middle-class Iraqi family before/during and after the bombs and invasion wreaked through Iraq and Baghdad. This documentary shows incredible insight into how the war affected the people with the unknown, the bombs, the battles outside their doors and the looters and uncertain future of their lives. This documentary takes the viewer away from the "shock and awe" and into the homes of ordinary people just like you and me. It was an amazing portrayal of life during war and was candid and honest in its reflection. In my opinion, Sacha provided us Canadians with an amazing view of the reality of Iraq's upheavel from a human, personal perspective. This is rarely done in news and I for one applaud him greatly. One can only hope that the U.S. citizens will have access to this incredible documentary as I am ever grateful that this is one that I didn't miss.