cats’ eyes

I am feeling quite cat like today. Its dark and gloomy and cloudy and well frankly a bit cold. Duke is working at the folkfest most of the day and eve and most of tomorrow. My ticket fell through and so I find myself alone on a weekend of gloomy outside weather. Its impossible for me to obtain a ticket due to the sold out nature of this festival and had I known that Duke was going to have to work it, well I would have bought a ticket months ago like everyone else, sigh. Of course as is the nature of this sort of thing, he had no idea either until a couple of weeks ago. We thought we'd be hanging out somewhere in teh tent, watching the campfire, enjoying the sunshine *huh sunshine, what sunshine* What's a girl to do? Well, at least I can hear the music from my backyard and if I keep the windows open, the crooning will serenade me all day and eve, heh heh.I suppose I could call someone and go out but I'm feeling a bit anti-social so I don't think that would do. I could pack my bag and drive up to Slave Lake and see Aiden, whom I'm missing like crazy but I'll see him on Tuesday and I really don't think I'm up to the drive in this unpredictable weather of thunder, rain, hail and tornados. Maybe I'll spend the day, geeking out and cleaning the house and watching bad television. Ah well, the weekend stretches out before me and even though its depressing as hell outside, maybe I can find some modicum of happy sunshine inside of me. Though I do think since I'm up and about and feeling fairly groovy in my new spidey t-shirt (that I nicked off Aiden, shhhhhh, heh heh ... I love that I can wear my 10 year old's clothes) that I'll head over to Farmers Market for some yummy treats! mmmmmm ... peaches, blackberries, lovely organic veggies and some organic bison for the duke ... much fun was had at farmers market and I am feeling so much better ... off to the rest of my day, whatever that may be : )