bug zoo

Victoria has a really cool bug zoo and we had a fabulous time hanging out with the cute little bugs. I always like the lovely greens and the lovely bug eyes. Great fun was had even though it was the end of a long day and our feet were feeling tired and in need of some up movie time, it was oh so much fun to tour through the bug zoo and learn bug facts.Heh heh, and of course there are cockroaches and of course we all had to hold them ;-) 'cause that is part of the bug zoo fun. But I especially enjoy the little cockroach house!Aiden is a complete lunatic! I love that about him 'cause like me, at the first sign of a creepy crawler in the house, we're both screaming like 6 year old girls and jumping on chairs and cupboards and calling for Duke to come save us. But get us in a bug zoo and woo hoo bring on the bugs! bug zoo mustache