coastal views

Driving along Vancouver Island's coastal shores is pure joy. The moon roof open, clouds filling the landscape, the smell of salt in the air, stinky ocean water filling my nose, oh yeah baby ... it doesn't get better than that. Its funny how a clouded grey sky in certain environments don't marr the day whereas the seemingly endless grey sky here in land locked Edmonton is starting to drive me more than a bit crazy.Ah well, if the beady little disembodied weather voice is correct, than this weekend is supposed to be stellar. I have Friday off work, the Aidenator is expecting me to catch up with him on Thursday night at my parents house. While the drive there will not be as spectacular as the coastal drive, it will be just as satisfying and I have an excited son, a lovely lake, a white sand beach, a hook and line and my dad's boat waiting for me at the end. Wheeee!Looking forward to a long weekend of hometown fun with the folks and my two guys.