All things pretty and pink

damp, dark, grey ... rain patters across a pane of illuminated glass reflecting waters' distortion ...meetings float and dance in jargon, soul fleeting lifted in life's passionate embrace So, my red shawl sarong was inadvertantly thrown in a load of clothes and ta da ... my lovely white hippy top is now a light shade of baby pink ... for someone who believes in the black/white and for some excitement brown/grey with a tad bit of purple and red eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! So today I am sporting the ever popular pink apparal, too weirdly fun .. I feel all girly and a tad bit sexy ... interesting. I have nothing of importance to say as I spent most of the evening reading an evaluation report for work and hammering out some feedback. Other than that snuggled up with my baby and relaxed .... though I am ever proud to report that this morning I took my first step to regaining my endorphin high ... yes, that is right, I got up and put on my sneaky sneakers which have been in hibernation and nordic tracked, oy vey! Its a start and am going to join the gym downstairs here at work so I can make effective use of my lunch hours and soon babies I will be back to my ever sickeningly so high energy much ado about nothing self ... hehehehe