clickity click marathon

Yah for friday nights! At one time I would have been out exploring the neon painted sky or rolling through beer stained thoughts or dancing in sweat sprung smiles. At one time I would have collapsed in a heap in the wee mornings, as all fridays roll into each other in hedonistic delight. I think of those times fondly but now I enjoy a friday nights stretch in front of a good movie, sushi rolling off my tongue and perhaps a red wine dabbling my lips. Tonight my darling duke is working on a radio play rehearsal and aiden is finishing up his homeword for the x-box extravaganza with his friends and I find myself with a deliciously free friday evening. The possibilities are endless ... I could read a good book, watch a good flick or play with my site and try to post a pile of vacation photos. I suspect, given I am already here, the latter will win out and I'm okay with that. Friday nights are lovely no matter what stage of life I am in ... yup!duke and aiden