I was so excited to go to Gibsons Landing ... you know, the home of The Beachcombers. I have truly sunk to new levels but I actually really enjoyed The Beachcombers as a child and much to my lovely Duke's dismay, I had somewhat of a crush on the crusty old Relic, heh heh. Anyway, Beachcombers was the longest running series drama in canadian television history. I know, you all thought it was The Littlest Hobo ;-)I have to say that as a Canadian, most of the television content that I get comes from our good ol' neighbour, America with a splattering of good British comedy. Not a whole lotta of Canadian content. I support Canada's arts and spend a whole lot of time watching canadian independent movies and as much canadiana television as I can find. So, the fact that I spent every Sunday night as a wee lass sitting in front of the television watching The Beachcombers makes the adult me quite patriotically proud. And now I'm craving a orange pop float 'cause that's what my brother and I would treat on for Sunday night television ... can I point out that as a youngster, Sunday night was pretty much the only tv watching us kids got to do! Not such a bad thing, left plenty of time for me to learn the basics of drawing and the art of painting and the joy of crafting and the outside running around with all the other grubby kids picking up slugs and letting lose the frogs and climbing trees and flinging caterpillars at our friends and biking and sledding and playing street hockey. Oh yeah eh .. I played the street hockey. Did I mention I was a bit of tomboy? Anyway, here be Gibson's, home of The Beachcombers.