It really doesn't take much to humble me ... I am easily humbled. Life humbles me on a regular basis. I would go so far as to say I like being humbled mostly because I oscillate between total self absorption and complete annihilation of self and somehow that humbling experience makes me realize that life is so beyond me and beautiful and somehow much more simple than even I can imagine.Humbling images are really everyday occurances in nature, like the clouds that float by above the landscape, dripping beauty and energy and affecting light and colour and me.

Another everyday occurance is the sunset, somedays they even go unnoticed as life is spent inside wilting away from the cycles of nature and forgetting the world beyond a simple scope of light switches and coffee grind eggshells floating in a heap of dank loss. And then there are days where they are framed in your vision of existance and you forget yourself and leap into expression beyond your thought.
Most days I have time to surf through the photos of regular folks doing regular jobs living regular days who are inspired enough to photograph the world around them and I am humbled by their efforts. I am constantly taken in by the beauty of the perspective, the vision, the creative effort. I expect to be humbled when I surf through the network of photoblog connections.Last night I attended my son's meet the teacher night at his new school. His father and I happily took him, met his teachers, marveled at the construction going on. The school is under construction and renewal. Its nice to see some money being sunk into infrastructure on a school that is over 50 years old - it needed the work. The point of all this is this. I was humbled. It was beautiful. We had an assembly and a dvd presentation was shown which revealed the construction over the summer months. There was music, photographs and video. It was stunning, funny, engaging, lively and chalk full of information. It was done by the custodian of the school ... I was humbled by his work and thanked him for it. There are a lot of wonderful teachers and staff at Aiden's new school, the support and care is overwhelmingly lovely. I am glad he decided to make the move.