bridge crossing

The photos here were taken after we crossed the ferry from the sunshine coast and headed into Vancouver. It was a bit of a shock after spending so much time in little communities over grown with the natural world to enter into the smells and sounds of the city and the clank crash bang whirr of traffic.

Yesterday, I crossed my own little bridge and am left wondering what it all means. I have spent most of my life living in transition and I guess I must sort of like that feeling since that is where I have chosen to reside. That breathless feeling that anything can happen and anything possibly will. The limitless possibilities of the universe spread out before me brimming with heat and toasted marmalade.
The older I get, the more those possibilities appear to narrow but I realize that is just perspective and this can be changed. When you change the focal point all sorts of things change, colour, texture, vision and how you feel about it all.
I have been working contract for the past four years never knowing from year to year if I will have a job. I think a part of me enjoyed that ... wondering and planning the possibilities in my head. The reality is that I need to work and I have a good job which pays for inconsequential items like my son's braces, the new piano, my art supplies, this site. I have been offered a permanent position. I signed the letter this morning and feel pretty damn good about it. Nothing really changes because I can always change jobs / careers / go back to school but I have a little tiny modicum of security and I'm thinking that's not such a bad thing. Plus, I have this great window ... have a mentioned the window ;-) Crossing bridges, changing perspectives, moving forward ... its not such a bad thing. sidenote: Johnny Ramone died today ... I wanna be sedated ... sigh!