peeled rust

Endurance and unwillingness to quit, perserverance and strength of character. The noble tilt of wisdom, history story packed into a forgotten piece of life left on the side of road.

These as well as the previous ones were found at the edge of a small town in the interior of british columbia. Next to the buildings were a parking lot for a Home Hardware Store. Every small town in Western Canada has a Home Hardware Store and a Saan Store and they always feel slightly nostalgic and I remember the thrill as a child of rummaging through the Home Hardware and finding that little treasure. When I was a very small girl while walking through the alley behind my home, I found a tiny little flashlight lightbulb. I had never seen a lightbulb so small and I imagined that this little light was a message from my alien family, it was magical, special and I carried it around with my for months. For the longest time, I missed finding treasures and having that secret thrill race through me, that zip of excitement. I say missed because now that I have discovered photography, I constantly find little treasures and that zip of excitement races through me and in my head, stories flow of far off places and flights of imagination dance in my head and I carry them around with me for months.