fluff and stuff

wildflowers / weeds / life's like that ... beauty springs up and dances across grey sky longing ... perspective is a tricky thing. When you spend hours driving, watching the blur of time spent in thoughtful tired state and heat rushing forward and down pricking your skin in desert dream time lust - thoughts drift in fuzzy array and dodge in lingering corners of your mind. Time has no meaning beyond the rising and setting of the sun without the routine of ringing tinging bells, phones, deadlines and constant need to watch the arbitrary needle click by.

I worry that I am losing time in my routine driven world and I mourn the ability to drift along enjoying the passing blurr of life and seeing pieces of beauty just beyond my grasp of normality.

I love wildflowers and weeds ... they are resilant and their beauty is inherent in their ability to live on despite our drive to control them.