mink lake Pt. 1

This is the start of my newest little series ... blueberry picking in Mink Lake. My freezer is nicely filled with blueberry goodness and I have some lovely photos of back home and life trekking through the bush, the crunch of dried moss and the towering trees as well as other tidbits that nature has a tendancy to throw your way. Mink Lake is 4-5 hours (depending on your speed) north of Edmonton. I'm just going to keep adding to this page over the next little while.The trees tower above as eagles nestle and soar. When I was little I thought that if I fell asleep in the woods, the spirits would take my soul up high into the sky and I would see with eagles breathe. On this particular trip while we were quading around, I was going between two small lakes and an eagle soared above my head, so huge and large and close and me unable to capture it at all. One day when I have better equipment, I want to go out and wait and stalk the eagles while somehow avoiding being stalked myself. Tricky tricky.