mink lake Pt. 3

Looking DownAs noted with the previous post of bones (a remnant of my emotional angst and a natural part of nature - yup animals eat other animals and there is no wonderous machine to grind them up and turn them into sausage and weinies so they are left in the sun to dry and become a part of nature), there is much to be found when you look down. When you are walking through the woods, the bush, the forest, whatever you choose to call it, it is to your advantage to look down. Mainly so you don't step wrong and end up with a turned ankle, a mushed growth and whatever else you might step/trip/fall over. In the thick of it, there are no nice little man made paths for walking and hiking ... its just overgrown growth and well nature stuff. Here's some more nature stuffs. Of course we did actually pick a whole lotta berries. I can do more than take photographs and this was my back breaking pail. I say back breaking because anyone who has ever spent any time picking wild blueberries testify to the fact. They are close to the ground and it takes some concentration to pick cleanly and because of the nature of the ground, you are crouched down and hunched over. But its oh so worth it!