More Roberts Creek beach action ... different part of the beach, closer to the three or four buildings that make up the town centre ... : )Tomorrow is the big cubicle pack and dash ... if you're interested, yes, I get a much nicer cubey (as nice as cubey's get :p) and woo hoo a muchly coveted window and while I don't quite rank a river view, I do have a loverly view of downtown Jasper Avenue and the assorted buildings surrounding my neck of the woods, there's actually a lot of open space and sunlight and wow .. sunlight ... monday morning is going to be quite the shock for the rodent life I'm used to, heh heh ... bring on the light! I may actually not suffer from as much winter lack of sunlight depression this year ... that would be good. I love summer where we get sunlight from the wee morning hours to as late as 11 pm but winter sucks ass (that's right sucks ass kiddies) with the sun not coming up until after I'm already hard at it and going down before 4:00 pm at its worst ... I hate driving to work in the dark and driving home in the dark and living in a dark little world. A girl needs some sunlight or she sinks into the dark corners of her mind and dances in angst ridden tension of blackened shards of glass. Err ... yeah .. the cubey move ... its a good thing I be thinking : ) Oh and the triperoo to Calgary was awesome, great meeting with wonderful people, a lovely visit with my brother and some nice talks with some nice folks from san francisco area and then a seat double booking problem and wham ... I get bumped to first class. Okay, having never traveled first class before, let me tell you - wow - I was duly impressed. Two people could fit in the damn seats and cushy as hell and the controls, the care and attention ... sigh! I definitely could get used to that, heh heh. yeah well, a girl can dream can't she ;-)