me me me

 Duke and I went off with our cameras on Sunday eve and took a few photos here there and everywhere ... this was prior to the flu taking over and ravaging my poor body. Yes, its true, I am truly miserable but am at least feeling somewhat better today than yesterday so there is hope. I don't like being sick. I am overly melodramatic about the whole thing and somewhat of a whiny brat ... but its only because I am a uber control freak and this illness has me under its thumb. So I am wandering around the house in my big warm flannets, drinking tea and have managed to make it over the computer for a while though the futon, a quilt and bad tv is going to win soon.There is one cool thing to being sick. The fever intense dreams are even more colourful, more scary, more provocative and more imaginative than normal and that's saying a lot because I dream in disney gone bad technicolour at the best of times. Think Lord of the Rings meets Nightmare on Elm Street with a twist of dungeons and dragons and a dollop of Requim for a Dream. Throw in a little Labrynth and maybe a tad bit of Sopranos and a wee trad of Chasing Amy and you've got the idea. I may even be dreaming now ... I don't know, that's the joy of the fever. Can I say it yet again ... I hate being sick!!! hates it hates it hates it : / Somehow the whining on my blog helped :)