monkeying around

I am indeed in full procrastination mode. I should be writing an article but am doing a post instead, I mean I am at home and it is time for relaxation and laze and my artistic endeavours of the moment. But nope, I really do have to write that article but am blocked and unable to function on that workie level right now.Its funny but I've been having dreams of going back to teaching .. ah the smell of a dusty brain turned on by the likes of Timothy Findley or Herman Melville or Shakespeare or any of the other number of lovely high school literature. sigh. The roaring discussions of creativity which spark my own thoughts and lift me up. Of course I am idealizing and I know there is plenty of other schmuck that goes into the politics of teaching especially the lack of funding and really what I should be doing is looking at switching departments from health to education where my real passion lies. Though I am passionate about health and I do love what I do but somedays it is perhaps too many circles and not enough spark, passion ... feedback, instantaneous ... such is the life of the civil servant I suppose.

But still ... there are days when being out there on the front lines so to speak ... well it seems a lot more desirable than climbing those rungs and hanging out in the cubicle tower ... yah know?A colleague suggested that perhaps I look into teaching a night class somewhere and I'm seriously considering it 'cause we all know that I have a few spare hours that I could be using ;-) but I think I'm going to look into the feasibility ... for me. As for these two photos ... well one was taken in Calgary and one was taken in Edmonton ... any idea on which was taken where? And, now I must head off to the land of word processing and stop monkeying around and finish the article for tomorrow and try to put some sort of concoction together for the big potluck tomorrow. I'm thinking dark chocolate will definitely be involved ... yummers!