As some of you know, I am involved in a little production company called Y3X ... that's right (one girl and 3 guys). Now when you work with 3 guys, well things are a little testosterone like with farts abounding and gadgetry flying. I work with supergeeks which is fine by me because around them I get to feel less geeky and more stylin' ... uh yeah right.

Anyway, with the exception of ruby two shoes we are all gadget freaks but Asylus in particular can afford the gadgets as unlike moi (who comes in a close second for acquisition of gadgetry), he doesn't have a little one demanding food, braces and other assorted necessities. I came across a new word for you babe and I think it also fits Eratus quite nicely - Technosexual. Yup, its true! Sorry to leave you out in the cold on this one my little Ruby Two Shoes Luditte.Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about the technosexuals in my life because they are constantly upgrading and guess what little suck gets all the months old cast offs at a reduced rate. Yup, its good to be me!