Its easy to be an individual, to free yourself from the confines of your space and discover the you that you long to be and slowly create yourself from the angles of sameness. Its an easy thing to do once you start down that path and take the time to discover the various conflicting parts that make up the sum. We should all continue down that path of individuality, of self-awareness ... of the two fold dimensions that split ourselves down the centre of our axis.

As I continue with my neighbourhood series and walk around Old Stratcona, I realize that I gravitated to this particular spot not only because it was walking / biking distance to the university but also because there is a lot of acceptance here. Though the night air sometimes gets loud with the drunkeness of the avenue and I am no longer inclined to join in that atmosphere, the daylight shines smiles abound and I can be just who I am, whatever that happens to be today.