monday blues of orange

The desk is scattered with a compilation of to do's and I am procrastinationating ... making up words and dreaming of the weekend's lost daze.My weekend was all about pokey and laze with days spent strolling Whyte Avenue, picking out farmer's market goodies, geeking out with the season 1 of the original star trek, printing photos (ah, the printing of photos, such good fun), computer part shopping, photo film pick ups, ikea shopping goodness (how can anyone resist red velvet pillows?), rearranging of living room to a new spacious room with comfort style and most important the best light for my easel, and of course there was much photo taking and latte drinking. It was not all fun and games however. I have noticed a disturbing trend out there in that sometimes scary world where I venture outside of my neighbourhood. The trend of my invisibility and the people walking into me, the old men rubbing up against me and the people who walk so close behind me that they step on the backs of my shoes. What's the deal with that I ask you? I actually glared at one poor girl who accidently (and hers was accidental) walked into me and felt bad about that but I had reached my limit. I mean if both people are aware and BOTH people move just a little then people pass with ease but if only ONE person moves just a little and the OTHER person expects everyone to move for them, well then - collisions happen. courtesy people, its not a difficult concept. My rant for the weekend. And now, here are some more photos of the orange people. I will post some more later tonight as well from the big spa extravaganza opening. All the 'cool' and 'beautiful' people were out. We were just passing by in search of coffee, looking particularly 'unbeautiful' but it was fun to take photos of people and pretend I was part of the paparazzi, lol - there was even a red carpet.