comfort zone

I needed the teensiest bit of comfort zone today and figure since I have a bunch of pages going with various odds and sodds then I might as well start another that I can add to. In September, we went on a little canoe trip ... was great fun and of course I took a few photos.I've been trying to leave my comfort zone of photographing nature and attempting to get out there and try other stuff. I realize that I haven't hit any sort of groove with it yet and I'm just trying stuff. I want this site to reflect my learnings over time, for me to look back on so I'm posting that 'hopeful' growth. I realize that its not even remotely good but it holds memory for me and ultimately that is what this site is for. I am really trying not to fall into any sort of pressure to only post my best photographs because I am learning and this is really all about me ;-) That said, I like this one ... it makes me smile and as the leaves crunch beneath my feet and the trees begin to take on that bare exotic shape, I need some green comfort.

I am tired and the darkness hits across the morning light as I start my harried day. No procrastination station for me on this crazed tuesday as I take a few moments to myself before heading out.