cushion my head

I woke up this morning with a crushing headache that all the caffiene in the world is not able to fix and have resorted to drowning in bottles of water in the hope that it is a dehydration problem. The darkness outside my window threatens to pour down in dredges of rain and I forgot my umbrella at home and have about 8 blocks to walk to fetch my car after the work day has wound to an end.On the upside, last night I watched a wonderful interview with Dale of Spun With Tears. He is a wonderful photographer who creates magical photos of the province in which I live. His photos are even more amazing in print than on the computer screen and he is one of the nicest people I have met. It was nice to see a fellow photographer get some well deserved publicity and he currently has a show at the Provincial Museum ... if you are in the Edmonton area, you should definitely go and check it out : ) I happen to agree with Dale's observations on photographing Alberta. We live in a province that is so incredibly varied by landscape and climate - there is so much beauty and never a lack of subject matter in its everchanging state. Even the mundane can become beautiful in the right light. The following were taken along the highway from Mink Lake to Slave Lake in the northern part of Alberta. Yup, it be some grass like substance. Had a great time stopping on the side of the road laying on the gravel and grass taking these while the occasional truck would drive by in honking laughter at the crazy girl with the camera ;-)

Cushion my head with beauty, soft and warm like dewdrops evaporating across the sunbeam of light.