fiery reds

Over the years, my colour of choice has often been red ... red hair; red paint; red guitar; red hues of fiery passion and obsessive glimpses of thought. Over the past year *gasp* I haven't been to a hair salon of any sorts since last November, I have attempted to avoid the drying dying of hair product and so have gone au natural. My hair has grown out and looks as though it has been dyed ... I have super baby fine hair which streaks and bleaches and changes with even the remotest of sun exposure so imagine if you will blonde streaked with subtle blends of red and every shade of brown with the darkest at the roots streaked throughout. I'm not complaining, it looks fine but as my yearly trim of the ends comes closer (I am not going short again) I am contemplating a fiery red ... a red like the red in these photos sinks into night A red that sinks into the darkness in a flame of gasping moment swung out in extravagant farewell.Maybe I should leave well enough alone but I miss the red flame atop my head swinging out around my shoulders ... a bright piece of autumn left over during the white grey of winter months.