pumpkins abound

Have I said how much I love this time of year ... I love this time of year! The golden crunched leaves, the bright orange moon dipped low in a frost filled sky and the taunting of halloween fun along with the mouth watering smelll of pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce and mashey potatoes and butternut squash soup. Yum ... yes that is right, here in the lovely Canada, it be Thanksgiving Weekend! That means relaxing, eating and generally taking some time to be thankful.I am indeed thankful for many things. My amazing family who makes me laugh, smile and cry. My son who takes the time to provide kisses, hugs and insightful views of the world around me. My lovely Duke who warms my heart and fills me with love and smiles and supports all my crazy little notions. The fabulous friends that fill my views with contraversy, laughter, diversity and insightful discussions about life, the universe and everything beyond 42. I am also very thankful for the beauty that swirls and shines across my vision, for the smiles of strangers in the street, for the kindness of people I've never met and for the optimism, the warmth and care in humanity that stands together and faces adversity and pain and attempts to bring out the best regardless of circumstance. I think that we live in a world of extreme uncertainty and struggle against various oppressions and doubt and fear and yet there is so much goodness, love and care that continues to grow and threatens to spill out and overtake all those dark shadows. Use the force people :) heh heh.Happy Thanksgiving weekend all!