fun times

Yup, still here in Calgary and very much enjoying the Heavenly Bed .. the Westin has this line of Heavenly products and can I say, the bed indeed lives up to its name. I usually don't do well away from home ... I like home and prefer to be there. Okay, vacations are a completely different matter than work trips you have to understand. At the end of a long day, who wants to go 'home' to a hotel room. Well, I am here to tell you its not so bad if you have the heavenly bed, total comfy sleep I had last night and am looking forward to more of the same tonight. Am staring out at the downtown lights, bad television wafting in the background and finishing up some work before I jump on the bed and sink into the heavenly comfort.Anyway, on to the photo ... I really like this photo for the obvious colour connections but also because the girl was a really wonderful person to meet. She spends her days on a bike couriering packages around and that just seems so energetic and fun to me. She was super friendly and seemed really passionate about life and I think this comes across somehow in her enjoyment of this really big burger munch.

I have been lucky enough to besurrounded by passionate people today as I made my way through my meetings. There are days that I really love my job, today was one of those days! It really is all about people for me, the passion and care for humanity that exists out there sometimes overwhelms me and makes me want to take an even bigger bite out of life than I already have.