The past couple evenings has found me in the company of lovely people, yummy eats and dark red wine ... and kids. All good things that life has to offer. While I have been missing my aidenator like crazy while I have been here in the Calgary, I have been fortunate to spend some time with the cuteness that is the young child ... the innocent, the energy, the fun. Great fun at the end of long days.I think it is important to remember to stay young inside, to allow yourself the joy of being a child and playing - its not just for the very young but for all of us. My friend Tania, knows the value of playing and I was reminded this week of these photos that I took one afternoon while she was out with the aidenator playing ... good on ya babe! Not only is she well on her way to becoming a leading authority on childrens literature but she's a fun loving, playful cutie as well : )

What is not childplay is the crazy rampant spam that has invaded my space and is making me feel dirty. I am not happy about this and am going to have to take steps to stop this but I am too freakin' busy this week. I am barely managing to post, am not able to browse my favourites and am definitely not able to even delete the spam, never mind deal with it. No worries, I will be exterminating in the very near future and in a couple of days I will be home and enjoying some sort of routine again.Am having a fun and playful week though interspersed with a whole lotta inspiring work.