Monday morning blahs

Weekend was lovely but far too short and for that I am not a happy monday morning girl ...Had a wonderful dinner with mom, dad and duke at la ronde revolving restaurant, food was good, company was good and the view was spectacular, relaxing saturday night as was most of the weekend. And happily, on Sunday bought some lovely large scented candles and fall atmosphere has pervaded my home and brought with it relaxing creativity ... This morning poured in too early, too cold and too grey with too much to do and am not liking this day one bit ... want to go back to the weekend or forward to the next or at the very least wish it was this eve where I plan on doing absolutely nothing beyond hanging out with my two guys eating, laughing, talking and snuggling ... I need a caffinated beverage now and perhaps a eggy sandwich or something to raise my blahs to a dealable level ... Happy happy monday : )