More photos from canoeing the north saskatchewan ... am tired so am just adding to previous post with more dreams of a river dipped oar ...Its the weekend. I missed a birthday party due to workings on my end / on Duke's end and headaches that left me weary on the couch. These little (read massive nauseous turn the lights down and cry) headaches are becoming more frequent, I'm guessing stress or could it be that I finally need glasses? An appointment is in the works.Just came home for Aiden's first indoor soccer game. Wheeeee! Great fun! Duke is recording a show tonight so won't be home until late and I am considering ordering sushi and spending the evening doing a little redesign on my site. I am having problems deciding what I want to do. I need to spend some more time thinking out this but I think my site has become boring looking and I want some neat redesign. Taking a page from med school blues's meme ... I am soliciting advice on how to make my little space better. Email me, write your ideas in the comments or send them courier ... either way, let me know what you think - what should I change in my space ... I will try and incorporate your ideas and hopefully find some creativity. : ) In the meantime, thought I would throw up some photos 'cause that be what I do ;-) The sun hasn't shown her face in days and I haven't seen a drop of colour other than grey grey and oh right ... grey. Looking outside has grown depressing and the lack of sunlight is starting to make me feel a bit depressed. Lucky for me I have photos to remind me that colour exists and sunlit sparkles will return. Just over a month ago, we went on a fun canoe trip from Devon into Edmonton. Here are a couple of photos from that fun exursion. Sidenote: The following is a little rant I had yesterday, it is unimportant now but felt good to let out ... I've moved it to the end as I am over it : ) Had a temper in the computer store today and the feminist in me raged on. The thing is - I needed a dongle for my laptop. the D-Link ethernet card works just fine but the dongle connector connected its last connection. So last week I went out looking to replace rather than buy a whole new card and met a lovely guy who went in search of a solution for me. He emailed me this week to let me know that he was holding a generic dongle for me and so I brought in laptop today to check out the fit. Sounds fine. Except along for the ride were Duke and Aiden and my guy wasn't working and the 'freaks' who were working were like the stereoptype mechanic who thinks women know nothing about cars. Fuckers! Even when I pointed out politely to them that I was the one buying the piece and could they please talk to me - they just ignored me and passed MY dongle to Duke. My dongle for my laptop which I was paying for with my hard earned money so that I could enjoy my geektime on my laptop. Fuckers! Needless to say, my temper hit the flaming feminist red and I went a bit ballistic ... yup, we won't be shopping at that particular store again. Hmmmm, I think I enjoyed this little rant and swear wordage ... I don't often feel the need but it feels good to get it out and move on which I have.