Okay, its a well known fact that halloween is my favourite non-holiday holiday and the street is wonderfully spookily decorated and pumpkins will be carved and my mr. bones which hangs yearly in my office window will make his way to the living room front and center. I love the creepella creeps and darkened roads and so begins my own little week of halloween here at blackdaisies / orangedaisies. Did anyone ever make the black/orange connection? wwwuuuaaahhhhaaahhhhhaaah. From now till the day of the chilling scavenger ravine hunt (I love my neighbourhood), I will even attempt to stay true to the theme but as you all know, I see a shiny pretty object and off I go, distracted again. Wish me luck on this. buffy's backyard I

killer corn stalk III

buffy's backyard II

house of boris

buffy's backyard III

how much is that ghoulie in the window? I

"Halloween Treats Must Sees"
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