ad Advertising drives me crazy, information makes me happy. I like the kind of ads that inform me about wonderful events taking place around me, that lead me to information I can use. Don't try to sell me a vacuum or a viagra pill or lead me to casino hell rather show me when the band is playing, the play is performing, the comedic is laughing.

Flashbacks: Last year I participated in 100 words. Check it out, its great fun and quite challenging. I completing the 100 words for November 2003 and December 2003 under bluedaisies. I thought it would be fun to have a record of my words on my site so I'm going to do a flashback to last year's 100 words for the next couple of months.

100 wordsNovember 1, 2003 She entered the club and watched the world rush by in punk filled Halloween extravaganza of costumed fun. The music banged and she remembered days of long ago before parenting created a world of conformity and softness around her face. Strange that she was back in this environment arrayed in black and red velvet with the long flowing cape and silvered shards of hair masking her brownish red locks, blood dripping from her blackened lips. She laughed, talked, danced, smoked and inhaled atmosphere before going home with her priestly drummer to kiss her son’s soft cheek and snuggle into sleep.