aiden goes crabbing

Over the years, Aiden has had some pretty cool adventures. I mean how many 8 years olds get blow holed by a whale in the ocean on their birthdays? I like watching him enjoy his life and try new experiences and discover the joy that life is ... while in Roberts Creek, Aiden slept outside on a brazilian hammock on a second floor balcony (at our friends house). He watched the bats, eagles and other assorted wildlife fly over his head. The first night, he was dazed by a lightning show and rain storm. I love that hammock and ensured I too got some hammock time but let him enjoy the crisp night sleep on it. While there, he also went crabbing. I've never been crabbing and really I still haven't been but I got to document his adventure ... it was great fun for a little boy who loves sitting on a lake fishing. Also, yum ... tasty!