town centre

hub of hornby The co-op, the gas station, restaurants and little shops exist in what I like to think of as the hub of hornby. This particular fellow was, like everyone we met, super friendly and warm. He not only worked the gas station, knew everything that was going on in Hornby but also was a fine musician.We camped right behind this little area and so walked over every morning for a coffee at verizo, and yup, good coffee was found in the form of a caffienated latte. Everything was organic and the co-op was chalk full of everyday needs. This was the only real place to get groceries and necessities on the island. While we were in Hornby, Edmonton was flooded and while sitting in the 'hub of hornby' we saw someone reading a Globe and Mail depicting a kayak on the Whitemud. The cell phones came out and the calling began ... apparently while we were hanging out in peaceful bliss, homes were flooding (ours was thankfully fine), West Edmonton Mall had ceiling collapses and water damage (no skin off my nose) and the Whitemud Freeway had been filled with ice and water, crazy hail ... all I can say is I'm glad I missed it ... though a secret silent part of me was 'damn the missed photo opps' ;-)