happy new year

September 1 - Happy New Year all. September always feels to me as though it is the beginning of a new year, much more so than January. Nothing changes in January except maybe the colour of your new wool socks. In September though, everything changes. The season dramatically shifts and green fades to orange, yellow and tangerine beams to brown and crunch and fallen leaves. School starts, classes begin and the thought that this year will be different somehow, in some good way - there is a seasonal optimism.See the thing is - I love change, I thrive on change. Its likely a product of my environment because if you live in Alberta, you had better like change 'cause the weather is in a constant state of flux. I have spent the better part of my life carving out and smoothing over the parts of my whole, the sume of my parts. Of course, I have currently sat in the same job, worked on the same health fund for over 4 years now and school is but a distant dusty memory but my fund is winding up and I will be doing new things in the not so distant future and that excites the hell out of me. Plus all my fun classes start up soon - ah the joy of bellydancing, kayaking and tai chi ... all good things. Aiden's first day of school is today. Its a new school. He's a bit nervous but here's hoping he has all kinds of cool fun in his new digs. Change is good because it ensures that feeling of being alive, feeling fresh (with or without deodorant) and seeing the world from a new perspective.